Friday, January 6, 2012

A Lack of New Year's Resolve

I am an utter failure....

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to really put the time into this blog, and write on it everyday, starting with the coming of 2012.

Well, here we are my friends. It is January 6th and I am just now writing a post. That means I have already failed my New Year's resolution, less than one week into the new year. Who's with me in believing in second chances?

I realized I haven't posted on here in over three months, so I should do some updating before really going ham on this thing. (I swear, sometimes I am so gangster I can't even handle it)

Since we've last talked, I've had my Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower...

I've got Bridesmaids from out of town, so doing this 4 months early just made sense. And we all had so much fun!

We followed the Bridal Shower, with my amazing bachelorette party...

Can't get much better than that.

Besides all of those festivities, we've had Christmas (my wonderful Fiancé got me the brand new Kindle Fire. It's amazing!) and New Years, which brings me right back to where I started.

My apparent lack of New Year's resolve.

We're now three months out from the wedding, so I'm full swing in wedding planning mode. Expect lots of updates from me on that. That's another New Year's resolution of mine. To pull this wedding off with out a hitch.

The final resolution? I buy a house in 2012. It will happen.

I'm starting my "New Year" over, and my resolutions are becoming goals. It's never too late to make it happen, right? Wish me luck!

Anybody else out there drop their resolution already? What are your motivations? 

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