Monday, January 9, 2012

The List

I don't know why I wanted so bad to do this today. I suppose I've been wanting to make one of these for a while, but today just seemed the day to do it.

I've seen a lot of these lists out there, but primarily got the idea here...

I loved the idea. We all have those things that we really want to do, but somehow get pushed on the back burner with the realities of life. When you write 'em down, and then share them, those ideas become more real, and you become more accountable to them.

Rather than a 30 before 30, I opted for a 27 before 27. Why?

1) I'm 22 now, which gives me 5 years to complete the list. 8 years just felt like I wasn't challenging myself enough.

2) I'm aiming for #27 to happen right around the time I hit 27, so the end of the list coinciding with the deadline just seemed like a good fit.

3) I will be 27 when my ten year high school reunion rolls around. Who doesn't want a list of fun stories to share with old friends?

With all that being said, here's my list...

  1. Write a Book and have it published

  2. Take a Spontaneous Out of Country Trip

  3. See the Grand Canyon

  4. See the Meditteranean Sea

  5. Start my own business

  6. Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity

  7. Own and decorate my own blog-worthy home

  8. Pay off all non-mortgage debt (I don’t have a mortgage yet, but plan to soon)

  9. Read the Bible in its entirety

  10.  Earn a Graphic Design degree

  11.  Take a girls only road trip

  12.  Learn to paddleboard

  13.  Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

  14.  Lead someone to Christ

  15. Buy a Pro camera, and take a photography class

  16. Open a retirement account

  17.  Mentor Someone

  18.  Take Anthony to a Broadway Show

  19.  Take a spa day (or weekend!)

  20. Make a dream come true for another person

  21.  Have six –figures in savings

  22.  Be in a magazine

  23.  Make a Snow Angel

  24. Write a cookbook with Anthony

  25. Grow a garden

  26.  Write a $1000 check to the church

  27.  Get Pregnant

Anybody else out there have a list? What are some things you've been dying to do?

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