Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Superbowl Madness is Upon Us

This coming weekend marks the one and only weekend out of the whole year that warrants me watching a football game in its entirety on television.

It does not happen often. I tend to avoid television football altogether and if it must be on, I flip back and forth with some of my favorite shows.

My Fair Wedding, anyone?

I used to work in sports, so you'd think I'd enjoy them. And I do. In person. Something about sports on television is just not that appealing to me. But that's another post.

The superbowl however, is a giant unto itself. The fanfare, the spectacle of it all, it’s just amazing. And yes, the football is good too. But lets be honest, I watch it for the ads.

I was an advertising major in college, so I like to think I can recognize the good from the bad, and I have a great time trying to do so. But regardless, I can appreciate the creativity that goes into these ads. Most years, I am left clearly impressed. Last year, surprisingly, didn’t blow me away. But I did love this little gem from Volkswagen…

…and I’m beyond excited to see what they do this year, particularly after this.

This week, I will be working on my Super Bowl Wardrobe, easy peasy since both teams have the same colors. Even though neither is my team (and the 49’ers were so close!) I’m rooting for the Pats. Lesser of two evils in my mind.

Beyond that, I’ve been pinning some fun superbowl ideas, like these.

^Find it here

^Find it here

The bestie is throwing a superbowl party this weekend, so I don’t want to disappoint. Pictures will follow, I promise.

What are your superbowl plans? Anything Exciting?


  1. Just want to say that patriot super is not allowed in mi casa....so only giants decor. Unless you wanna throw in some Colts...then I'll be ok :-)

  2. Mwahaha, they have the same colors. You'll never know who the decor is for :)