Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Our Love Story, Part II - The Proposal

Ah, the proposal.

Every girl dreams about her proposal for nearly as long as she dreams up her wedding. Ideas of what you want change obviously, but I've always said the same thing since I was a little girl. "I want it to mean something special to us, and I also want a really good story." When I was a kid, that story usually involved sky-diving (why, with my fear of heights, I have no idea?) I think I just thought it would make for an exciting tale.

Well, we didn't go skydiving, but I think Anthony did a pretty darn good job fulfilling both of these requirements, so I'm always excited to share.

It was New Year's Eve 2010. Anthony had planned our New Year's Eve dinner for us that evening at a little place called Pannullo's. It's one of our favorite places to go, and there is not one thing on the menu I don't love.

The thing is, I didn't want to go.

I had a feeling a proposal was imminent. I think when its that time in a relationship you start looking for it everywhere. But I was sure he wasn't proposing that evening. And Pannullo's was where I wanted to eat dinner on my proposal night. Being my logical self, and a little bit of a snoopy pest, I assumed I would see a ring within two weeks. I knew Anthony wouldn't want to go to Pannullo's twice in two weeks, which clearly meant he was taking me somewhere else to propose, and for whatever reason, I kept thinking if I could get him to back out of our Pannullo's reservation, he would be more inclined to take me back the night he actually proposed.

No lie, (and I am not proud of this little fact) I called my mom that day COMPLAINING about how we were going to Pannullo's that night and how disappointed I was that I wouldn't get my Pannullo's dinner proposal. She at the time knew two things:

1) My ideal proposal story, which I can't give away.


2) What Anthony was actually planning that night.

She told me to stop being such a brat and we hung up.

Eventually I got out of my bitter, not-being-proposed-to funk, got dressed and headed with Anthony for dinner.

We got to the restaurant, where the conversation over dinner went something like this.

Me: "You sure you don't want to propose to me tonight. This would be perfect. You know this is my favorite restaurant, right? OUR restaurant??"

Anthony: "Stephanie, you know I don't have the money for a ring right now. I really wish I did, but I just can't propose yet."

Me (Looking Defeated): "Yeah I know... but really? Are you sure? Really? Really? REALLY?" (Read jokingly) 

Poor guy.

After dinner, we were supposed to go to Anthony's best friend's house to ring in the New Year, but we had some time to kill, so Anthony walked me down Park Ave. and to "Our Stage," a little stage in the middle of the park that he had danced with me on on our second date, and taken me back to for our one-year anniversary.

Here's where it starts getting good ya'll so buckle your seat-belts. 

He helped me onto the stage and started dancing with me, just like we had on our second date. Then he pulled out my phone, saying we needed music to dance to, he didn't like the quiet.

On comes "Marry Me" by Train, and on came the tingles. We danced for a little, he sang to me a little, then told me to stand back while he did a little solo to the song. I let go of him, watched him do his best attempt at a spin, then saw him drop to one knee.

Heart palpitations and tears begin here.

I don't really remember saying yes, but he told me I actually managed to get the word out. I was in awe, of my man, of my ring (hello new bling), and of the fact that he literally knew my ideal proposal to the T. Apparently, he told my mom the plan before the actual night and she had to stop herself from laughing because I had told her months before that if he ever proposed that's how I wanted to do it. It amazes me how well he knows me.

Meanwhile, Anthony had his best friend on standby around the corner, so he could snap some pictures of us after the proposal, so for your viewing pleasure, I present... Our Engagement Night.

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