Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Our Story, Part I

Yay for new features! From now until April 22nd, aka the day I get to marry the love of my life, I will feature a wedding themed post every Wednesday. Before I get too deep into details, however, I thought I should start at the beginning. Give you a little background on our love story.

Besides, who doesn't want to hear more about this cutie??

Anyways, the story begins in January of 2009. A friend of mine was hosting a birthday party for her then boyfriend and had invited me to join in the festivities. I wasn't sure how many people I would really know, it was primarily going to be his friends, but I figured I would go to make the gender ratio a little less lopsided.

It was there that I met Anthony. Apparently, he and the birthday boy had played ball together in High School. I made the first move, and the second, and the third... but it's ok, it was absolutely worth it :)

We talked for a while that night, about our goals and our dreams, you know the substantial stuff you always talk about at parties. ;) But our conversation really was one of the best I had had with a guy I had just met.

As I was leaving, I offered my number, and here's the clincher to the story. Anthony asked me if he should put it in his phone as anything special. My response?

"Yeah, put it in there as Stephalicious."

You can't make this stuff up.

That should have been his clue right there that I was not your average girl. That would have scared a good 90% of the sane male population off. But it worked for me, and I suppose it must've worked for him too.

A couple of weeks later we had our first date, where we discovered that we went to the same elementary school, that we literally lived around the corner from each other when we were 9 and 10 years old, respectively, and that I am a terrible, terrible, bowler.

I bowled an 8. Not possible, you say? Oh, but it is. Clue number two for him. But he stuck around, long enough for us to fall in love. Long enough for us to realize that we wanted to grow old together. Long enough for him to decide to propose. But that's another story.

Look for Part II next week. Until then, how about some of our first pictures together?

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