Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Oscars Recap

For anyone who lives in a hole or is oblivious to all star happenings, the 2012 Oscars went down last night. I myself am an awards show junkie.

I adore the red-carpet fashions, love the sometimes cheesy-but-always funny hosts, and get way too emotionally involved in who wins and loses.  Last night's Oscars were no different in that they completely epitomized all that is the glamour of Hollywood. In fact, I think the Academy did a great job last night of structuring the show in such a way that it not only moved along quickly enough, but featured great entertainment and felt much more like the upscale event I love than it has in recent years.

Favorite Moments:

1) Octavia Spencer's Acceptance Speech - How amazing is she? I want to be her now.

2) Cirque Du Soleil's incredible performance.

3) Emma Stone Presenting - Again, I want to be her friend... liiiike ... now. She is hysterical, and if I were presenting an award I think it would go a little like that.

4) Meryl Streep's Win - I love Meryl Streep, I think she is incredible and versatile and though I've never met the woman, I like to imagine her as sweet too. So, I was beyond thrilled that she took away best actress last night.

5) Rosie Byrne and Melissa McCarthy and their Scorsese drinking game. It made me want to start a game myself. Except I was watching the Oscars alone...on my couch...and taking solo shots would be well, a little pathetic.

My Best Dressed:

I'm going against the majority on several of these. In fact, my best dressed has been featured on several worst dressed lists. But, here we go anyways.

#5) Ellie Kemper - I thought her color choice was perfect to play off of her skin-tone and hail color, and the way she styled this gown somehow made sequins an understated option.

#4) Maria Menounos - A beautifully structured bodice + with an effortless chiffon skirt =  Gorgeous!

#3) Mila Jovovich - I thought she looked off when she presented, but her gorgeous gown all but made up for it.

#2) Stacey Keibler - The one woman in the world who could stand next to George Clooney, and not only make him look better, but steal the focus from him. I'm not a huge fan of the rosette on her hip, but I think the dress was perfect for the occasion, and her loose waves make me think of old hollywood glamour.

#1) Missi Pyle - Now, I know that not everyone agrees with me on this one. I've seen Missi Pyle on several worst dressed lists. But I am obsessed with this look. I missed the initial red-carpet preview and only saw this dress at the end of the show when she came up on stage for The Artists's big win, and I could not look away from her. The color is gorgeous, the styling is impeccable, and I think she looks stunning!

I'm not doing a worst dressed. There were some dresses that I didn't love, but let's be honest, if they were offered to me, I would take them in a heartbeat. The one thing I will say is directed to the gentlemen of hollywood (I'm looking at you Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt) Yes, you are movie stars and can generally do whatever you want. But the whole scraggly, unkempt, I want to let my hair grow out thing is not working for you. You are some of the most attractive men in the world. Let's not hide it behind the caveman look you are going for right now.

What were your thoughts? Who was your favorite last night? What were you loving/hating?

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