Monday, February 13, 2012

The Easiest Meal You Will Ever Make

Other than Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Or Frozen Pizza.

But still pretty easy, and if done correctly, impressive looking to boot.

The hubs-to-be and I have a go-to meal that we make when we're low on time, not huge on funds, or have been overloaded on carbs or other unhealthy goodies. It happens.

So what do we do when we need something healthy and fast? We make this very simple Seared Steak Balsamic Salad.

What You Will Need:

A Good Sirloin Steak (Whatever size you need for your meal)

Coarse Sea Salt

Fresh Ground Pepper

One Tablespoon Vegetable Oil

One Package of Spring Mix Greens

Two Roma Tomatoes, diced

Half of a Cucumber, sliced

One Package of Mushrooms, sliced

One Package of Feta Cheese

About a third of a bottle of Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

^The olives were a snack for me as we cooked.

1) Generously apply coarse sea salt and ground pepper to both sides of your sirloin. You don't want to substitute regular salt or pepper for this step. The coarse ingredients allow for a nice crust on the meat when you sear it, which is what really gives it all of its flavor.

2) Heat oil in a skillet (if you have cast -iron, now is the time to pull it out. I've found that the cast-iron holds heat much better than the other metals and gives your meat a better sear and better crust). You want your pan to be screaming hot.

3) Sear steak approx. 3 minutes per side, depending on the thickness of your cut. Note: We prefer a pretty rare steak. If you want something more well-done increase your cooking time per side.

4) Once steak is seared, set aside on a separate plate to allow the juices to settle.

5) In a large bowl, combine your spring greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, cheese and dressing.

6) Toss all salad ingredients until thoroughly mixed.

7) Slice steak into thin strips.

8) Serve salad on a plate with steak strips fanned out on top. I suggest a glass of red wine to go with it.

When it's all said and done, the steak really is the star of this dish, but the cold salad against the warm steak is such a yummy contrast. Plus the crust that you've created from searing adds a nice textural crunch to the dish.

This is the one and only salad I can convince the hubs-to-be is filling enough to be a meal. It has the man seal of approval. And when you get good at the slicing and fanning of the meat (which I am still trying to master) it's a pretty impressive dish for a date night.

There are variations. We do make this with a salt and pepper crusted salmon as well, which is also incredibly delicious. We experimented last night with fresh goat cheese as opposed to feta. I loved the creamy texture against the steak. My man didn't enjoy it as much.

I would imagine that there could be lots of other variations as well. What would you add?


  1. UMMMMMMM...........Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................................. I make for the boys all the time. Best salad ever!!!

  2. Yuummyyy!! I'm getting hungry! Thanks for sharing your recipe! In Western PA, we like to put hard-boiled egg, shredded cheddar or american cheese, and a pile of crisp french fries on our steak salad. Top it off with some ranch dressing, and I'm in Heaven! There's nothing healthy about this way, but it is oh, so delicious.

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