Saturday, February 11, 2012

For My Brother

Little Bro:

Are you really eighteen years old today? Is this a joke?

I find it hard to believe when just yesterday we were hanging out like this:

and playing on the beach like this:

I remember leaving for college, and leaving my kid brother behind at home. I came home at Christmas, and I was greeted by a grown-up.

And now you are a legit adult. Where did the time go? Bro, I'm so seriously proud of you and everything you're accomplishing. Every college in the universe is after you, and I couldn't be more proud. I am so glad that even though I begged for a little sister when I was three (I thought she would be fun to dress up), I got the coolest little brother instead. Couple of reasons.

1) I never had to share my clothes with you. (That right there is pretty important stuff)

2) I never had any dance competition in the family. Just a really cool supporter.

3) I have to imagine I would've made a sister like the things I liked. I couldn't really do that with you, you were number one a boy and not into dance, and number 2, far too independent. Which means I got to be introduced to some of the coolest movies and got to learn some of the most random information that I can still pull out of my back pocket. Thanks for that!

4) I always had a video game partner. SSX Tricky, please tell me you remember that. And for some reason, you were always better than me. (but if you tell anyone that I will deny it)

5) You seriously are one of the funniest people I know. And in such a hysterical random way. Love it!

I am so proud of you, and the man you are becoming. I love you! Happy Birthday!

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