Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning Recap: Winners and Losers

So, the Super Bowl is over. And the team I randomly chose because my team wasn't in it lost. I was really counting on Brady to pull through for this one-time-only Pats fan, but no such luck.

All in all, it was a decent game. The first half was lacking in huge plays, and truthfully, through the third quarter, the action was limited. The Pats touchdown right before half-time started to get me hopeful, and had that final hail mary pass in the last five second been completed, it would have been the most epic final play of a Super Bowl in recent history.

But alas, though Brady's throw was nearly perfect, it needed just a bit more snap to reach the end zone before the throngs of Giants players made it to block.

Oh well. Maybe next year, I'll pick a winning a team.

We had far too much fun at last night's party, regardless of the performance of our teams. I brought beads and streamers (let's be honest, what kind of party doesn't have at least one of the two) and we played with them like little kids.

Now to let you in on my dirty little secret. I bring the same thing to almost every party I go to. Anytime someone asks me to bring something to share, I bring this dish, my favorite pasta salad, and people rave over it. The truth is, this pasta salad is Suddenly Salad Classic by Betty Crocker, and only costs me $2.50 a box to make.

In case you think I'm exaggerating about how much I love this stuff, let me show you some photo evidence.

I seriously love this stuff. Try it!

Now, for what everyone is much more excited for. The commercials. There were some winners and some losers, and everyone has their opinions. I'm here to give you my personal top five.

#5 - Acura "Transactions" - Using the Soup Nazi in a commercial automatically gets you points in my book, and Jerry Seinfeld was just a perfect choice for the concept. And Leno at the end? Loved it.

#4 - Volkswagen "The Dog Strikes Back" - The build up for this was incredible. Building on last years success, Volkswagen took their marketing a step further with the Star Wars theme, and not only did they release this commercial, with a hysterical reference at the end to last year's advertising, but prior to the Super Bowl, they released a trailer for their commercial. Not my favorite commercial, but definitely my most anticipated.

#3 - Chevy "Happy Grad" - I gauge the success of this commercial by the reactions of everyone sitting around me. And the entirely funny, slightly uncomfortable feeling you get for the poor parents in the commercial. Too too funny!

#2 - Chevy Silverado "2012" - This was the first Chevy commercial of the evening, and I was impressed. Even though their slogan is no longer "Like a Rock" (Please tell me there are there people who remember this,) this ad prompted the singing of their old jingle.

#1 - M&M's "Sexy and I Know it"- Great use of popular music and funny scripting. I was dying. End of Story.

What were your favorites last night? Were you thrilled by the Giants Victory or devastated by the Pats loss?

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