Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - The Bachelorette Party

It's here again! I know I went kind of wedding themed on Sunday night, but because I promised Bachelorette deets this week, I couldn't not share. (ugh double negative I know. Just don't judge)

Before I delve too deeply into that though, I wanted to give you an update on the rest of my valentine's day. Hubs-to-be felt badly for not having a card for me yesterday morning, so I came home to these beautiful flowers.

Which I proceeded to pose with...

And that dress? Only $10.80 at Forever 21. You can't beat that.

We ate dinner at Dexter's Cafe in Lake Mary, where I had the most incredible seared Ahi Tuna over a lobster risotto, and the HTB had a blackened grouper over a blue crab risotto. Um...yummmmm! Probably the best meal I've ever had. We split a seared sea scallop appetizer, which I will definitely be attempting to re-create so keep an eye out for that one.

OK, now down to business. The reason you're really here. The Bachelorette Party.

Like the Bridal Shower, we had to have the bachelorette party back in December so all of my bridesmaids could attend. What fun would it be if I didn't have them there? My MOH rented us a van to get us to and from downtown. None of us are heavy drinkers, which in my opinion can sometimes make it worse in terms of ability to drive. When my only consumption is a glass of wine every now and then, saying I'm a lightweight is an understatement. So the van was a perfect idea.

We headed to downtown Orlando for a night of celebration and dancing. I know I had an incredible time. I think everyone else did too. We have some amazing pictures and some amazing memories, and so rather than tell you all about it, I'm just going to show you.

Now, I'm just working on a second, very tame party for the bridesmaids and I, the day before the wedding. There will be no drinking involved, I definitely don't want to be hungover on my wedding day (I am seriously such a lightweight). But I do want to celebrate with my girls the night before.

Any suggestions? I'd love to hear them.

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