Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Pretty Little Things

In my sickness and in my exhaustion, I almost forgot what day it is.

Wedding Wednesday that is!

We are exactly 2 months from the wedding today, 60 days until I get to marry the love of my life. The final countdown is on, and there is so much left to do, but I am beyond thrilled that much sooner than later I will be a wife.

Right now, we're working on all of the little details, those little things that will make our wedding uniquely ours. One of the first things we decided when we started talking about the wedding was that we wanted to remember our loved ones who have passed, but didn't want a memorial ceremony. We wanted something that was for us, to remind us that they were with us. We're opting for memorial charms on my bouquet and on Anthony's boutonniere. We just bought them this week and they will end up looking something along the lines of this...

My bouquet will have three charms on it, one for my grandpa, my poppy (my grandpa on my mom's side), and my uncle. Anthony will have one charm on his in memory of his grandma. All of these people played such influential roles in our lives and we want their memory to play a part in our special day.

The other thing I've been focused on this week is our guestbook. I want to go non-traditional on this, and I've seen some great ideas floating around the internet.

So many incredible ideas, but right this moment, I'm leaning towards the last one. It's something that I would totally hang on my wall after the wedding and be able to look at all the time.

What do you think? If you're engaged, what special touches are you adding to your wedding? If you're married, what do you remember most?


  1. Oooh, what fun ideas! I will definitely have to check in again to see more ideas! Congrats about being two months away!

  2. I would like to let everyone know that Anthony's Grandmother played a VERY large roll in his life. She was with with him his entire life, from changing his diapers to seeing him play baseball in College. They were adorable together and I know, Anthony you miss her immensely. This idea is wonderful, although it will certainly make me cry that much more. Knowing that she will be next to your heart as stand at the alter, for the biggest event, so far, in your life. Don't forget to wear her for your first child's birth. I love you Anthony.



  3. One of my most fun wedding memories . . . Stephanie was an infant and every time the camera was pointed for a family picture, she instantly became very animated. Her father (my brother)said, "Oh, yes. Stephanie knows all about cameras. She's usually the star of the show."
    Love from your Aunt Linda