Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Updates, Updates, Updates

Oh Wednesday, how I love thee!

The whole Wedding Wednesday idea has been pretty great for me, because let’s be honest, Wednesday is not always the most fun day of the week. It’s hump day, and we are just as far into this week as we are from the end. But I get to talk about my wedding.  Sooo…. I am loving Wednesdays right now.

A lot has happened since last Wednesday, and I am so excited to share.

Invitations went out! I designed and printed these bad boys by myself and assembled them with the help of my mom and nana. So needless to say, I love them.

I’ve been waiting to share them until I knew everyone had received theirs, aaaand, since I’ve started receiving RSVP’s already, I’m assuming I’m safe. (side-note, getting RSVP’s in the mail is the most fun I’ve had wedding planning. So if you have 'em, start sending yours in kiddos, because they make me smile) Anyways, here they are in all their gorgeousness.  They were printed on a metallic pearlescent paper, which you can’t see in these  photos, so they don’t do the invites justice at all, but use your imaginations. :)

Bridesmaids dresses are in! The girls and I traveled to three different bridal stores, took a good 4 hours, and they tried on at least 45 dresses. But we found this Bill Levkoff beauty at the same place I found my dress, go figure, and it looks beautiful on everyone. I cannot wait to see all of the girls all dolled up, they are going to look just gorgous dah-ling!

We met with our pastor last night to go over our ceremony order. Considering I’ve been to maybe three weddings in my entire life, I needed some help, particularly when I need to start designing the programs. He was super helpful, super supportive, and now that that is finalized, I can check another one off my list.  (Only 44 tasks left) :/

Today is a dress fitting, tomorrow I’m working on my hair. This wedding is coming so quickly, and yet still feels so far away. I just pray that I remember every moment and allow myself to really enjoy and cherish them all.

82 days ya’ll! (I’m not really that southern, it just comes out sometimes, even just in my head)

P.S. I finally joined this century and got a twitter account. You can find me by clicking on the little icon on the left. Follow me friends! I’m Excited!

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