Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Seating Charts and Last Minute Excitement

Wow guys, it’s been nearly a whole week since I’ve posted. You know its been a while when the hubs-to-be starts to mention it. But, it’s Wedding Wednesday and I’m back. Appropriately so, because it seems my whole life is on wedding overload at the moment. Three and a half weeks to go, and my brain is melting.

Side-story, when I was young, I used to talk all the time talked exactly as much as I do now. My poor mother would literally send me to my room, telling me her brain was going numb. Funny? Yes. Traumatizing? Maybe. But I can absolutely understand her sentiments. While my numbness has more to do with seating charts and wedding programs and much less to do with an overzealous five-year-old, I still get it.

Nonetheless, we’re trucking through, so excited to be husband and wife (we’re heading for our marriage license in the next week), and so ready for the honeymoon that follows.

Today I want to talk about seating charts. My RSVP deadline finally passed, so the other night I felt comfortable taking my first stab at the oh-so-infamously dreaded task. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. Taking everything into consideration, I probably spent a little over two hours plugging in names and tables, and while I will probably make a few tweaks here and there, I think we have a pretty decent layout going.

I always thought seating charts came with the territory. That a wedding always required table assignments and that the Bride was responsible for it. But recently, I’ve heard that many couples are choosing to forego seating charts altogether and allow for completely open seating at their weddings. I have no problem allowing my guests to sit wherever they want, but my fear is that the last stragglers in to the ballroom would have trouble finding somewhere to sit, particularly if they are with a large group. In that light, I opted for the more traditional route.

Next up for me is finalizing all of our wedding stationary, all of which I'm designing myself. (Oh the joys of being a mini control freak)

What is your take on assigned seating? Did you dread the seating chart, or did you find the experience surprisingly simple like I did?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Could Rapunzel Win in a Weave Competition?

Imagine if you will, Rapunzel somehow makes her way to New York City, Perhaps through a sewer pipe, Enchanted style, or maybe some other way. But here she is, trapped in an unfamiliar city, with unfamiliar technology, and more people than she has seen in her lifetime (she has been trapped in a tower after-all).

Now imagine that as she’s looking for someplace familiar, she somehow stumbles into the baddest of the bad weave competition and somehow ends up on the runway. You think Rapunzel would stand a chance? She does after all have the single most amazing head of hair of any princess I know.

Ok, so that scenario is completely random and completely out of nowhere, but (and I am 100% serious when I say this) this is what was going through my mind as I drove home last night.

And when I fell asleep (at 6:30 pm, I may add.. this girl is tired) my dreams were no less random. We are talking zombies, serial killers, street luging and superhero capes. Seriously, what is going on in my brain these days guys?

Well, regardless, it’s Thursday, which by the way, is my favorite weekday. Always has been, always will be. And in spirit of it being my favorite , I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things right now, equally as random as the story above. Courtesy of pinterest, of course. Is there anyone out there who has avoided the obsession? Probably not. Here we go.

What are you loving right now? Let me know.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: To Boudoir or Not to Boudoir

Boudoir photography is such a trend in the wedding experience right now, it's hard to ignore. And let's be honest, why would you choose to? Boudoir sessions, regardless of their styling or individual nuances, bring me back to the days of pin-up girls and classy-sexy, when being tastefully covered up was considered more appealing than flaunting it all for everyone to see (and of course in this situation we're talking corsets and baby dolls when we say covered up as opposed to completely nude playboy spreads, but you get my drift).

And boudoir photography doesn't end at the bridal veil. Many women are venturing out for boudoir just as a gift for themselves, a way to feel sexy, a way to gain confidence.

Personally, I love the boudoir trend, but when it came time to consider if I wanted to take these types of photos for my future hubby (tomorrow is one month guys!), I was super hesitant. I'm a rather conservative gal, pretty modest to an extent (I am a dancer, so I'm used to changing in front of other women but thats my limit), and the idea of stripping down to my skivvies for a photographer was something that wasn't all that appealing to me. But I knew the hubs-to-be would love the results, and the idea of the photos tugged at me.

So, what's a girl to do?

Well, I can write about this now because what was intended to be a wedding gift arrived at my house in a large, bright orange box, that couldn't be hidden when we checked the mail. (Thank you Shutterfly!)

I was lucky enough that a friend of mine is starting a photography business, (check her out at and was willing and able to do the shoot with me. (Fear #1 - stranger seeing me in my skivvies, alleviated). Let me tell you, her pictures came out incredible. No, I won't be sharing any on here, they are for my fiancés eyes only, but just trust me on this one.

The experience was incredible and I wanted to share some tips with other conservative brides, who may also be hesitant about the whole process.

1) Know your photographer.  You don't have to have a friend in the business for you to feel comfortable, but I do recommend taking the time to meet your photographer before you book a boudoir session with them. The more comfortable you are, the better the pictures will come out. If you spend the entire time concerned with what the photographer is thinking/doing, you won't have any fun.

2) Bring a friend. I know people will disagree with me. I've seen sites everywhere say that you may feel awkward posing in front of a friend, and so its better that they, at the very least, stay out of the room where the shooting happens. I disagree wholeheartedly. I had my best friend with me for the shoot, and I was hesitant to bring her along because I knew I would see her all the time, even after she saw me in lingerie. Having her there was amazing. She was able to encourage me and laugh with me and tell me when my poses weren't looking so cute while still making me feel so gorgeous. Plus she suggested the outfit for what were my favorite photos of the day. Why didn't I think of using the fiancés baseball jersey?

3) Be ok with being awkward. Unless you're a seasoned model (and I am certainly not,) you will feel awkward when you start. Posing in our underwear is not something the majority of us do everyday, and for the first ten minutes of my shoot, I felt like a complete idiot trying to pretend to be sexy. You'll probably feel that way too. But that's ok, because you will relax into the swing of things. Eventually, you'll be posing it up with the best of 'em, and you will leave feeling so much more confident and beautiful than you did when you started.

4) Mix it up! If you have the time and have the opportunity, try a couple different looks. You may thing that the corset is going to make for the best pictures because it's so pretty in person, but maybe it's your satin baby doll that photographs well. Try some in his shirts. Try as many looks as you have time for, because you never know what will end up looking good on camera.

5) Feel Beautiful. Whatever that means for you, do it. If you want to get your hair and make-up done, do it. If you want to pamper yourself with a spa day before or after, do it. Whether you are taking these pictures for yourself, or as a gift for your significant other, this experience really is about you. It's about celebrating how beautiful you are, both inside and out (because trust me, cameras can capture inner beauty as well,) so go ahead and celebrate. Love on yourself a little bit and really enjoy every minute of it.

So there you have it. I chose to do a boudoir session because I thought it would be incredibly special to give my future husband a gift that not only does nobody else have, but nobody else will ever see. It is for his eyes only, and there's something pretty cool about that.

Have you ever considered a Boudoir session? Why or why not?

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty’s Day Recap

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and the one day out of the year that pinching strangers and drinking green beer is acceptable. I myself didn’t consume any of the famous leprechaun drink, mostly because every time I see it, I am reminded of the movie Superbad and the laundry detergent beer that everyone’s drinking at the party.

You’ve ruined me Hollywood.

What I did do however, was so much better.

My best friend since high school, Ashten and I drove our booties down to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for combined birthday/St. Patrick’s Day/ girl’s weekend celebration. We haven’t had the chance to just get away in a good while, and trust me, this time was much needed.

We arrived at the hotel around 4:00 on Saturday and were scheduled for deep tissue massages at 6:00. So what do two girls do with two hours in a beautiful hotel spa?

Well first, you enjoy the beautiful hot tub and stay in until you’re sweating enough to form a second hot tub of your own.

You then hang out in your comfy hotel-provided spa robes, drink the yummy citrus water, eat the delicious strawberries laid out for you, and when all else fails, start taking silly pictures to pass the time.

After our massages, we quickly got ready for dinner and the rest of our evening, then headed down to the main floor of the hotel for some exploring.

This weekend was my first time in a casino, and I was a little overwhelmed by how many machines and tables there were. This place was huge!

We walked around for a little, Ashten giving me the tour of the layout so we could decide where to start, and then… we saw it…

My Machine!

Yes, that is a Breakfast at Tiffany’s slot machine. And yes, that movie (and the song that references that movie “and I said, what about, Breakfast at Tiffany’s) was the inspiration for my blog. So of course, I had to try my hand at it.

Now, let me tell you why I will never be a professional gambler, nor will I ever take up gambling as a hobby. Within the first ten minutes on my machine, I had won $200. I told you that machine was meant to be. But I didn’t want to stop playing after only ten minutes. What fun is that?

So I kept playing, for another 30 minutes probably, and at the end of it all was back at even. I didn’t lose money on the weekend, but I certainly could’ve walked away with a lot more moolah in my pockets. Well, there you have it. The epic rise and fall of a first time gambler.

We finished the evening at the hotel’s St. Patrick’s Day party, where we
named our drinks after 90’s television showsonly drank water, and borrowed some green sequin bow-ties to really get into the spirit.

Sunday morning, we woke up decently early, enjoyed a surprisingly chipper breakfast, and made our way back home with the top-down the whole way. Note to self: just because you are driving in a car, does not mean you won't get burnt by the sun, particularly on one side of your body, when you're driving in the same direction for  an hour and a half.

This weekend was one of the best I've had in a while, and I though I don't have any money to show for it, I do have a sweet Hard Rock player's card and a lovely red tan-line. :)

How did you spend your holiday?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

True Stories from a True Gangster

Yes, I am a gangster.

Yes, I am the whitest girl you will ever meet.

And, yes, there are many people who doubt my true gangster qualities because:

  1. I sometimes talk like I’m from the valley (As if), and

  2. I choose to say and spell gangster fully rather than opt for the more common form, gangsta. Hey, a gangster’s gotta use proper grammar too.

I can rap the full lyrics of “Look at Me Now” by Chris Brown, Busta, and Weezy. There is video evidence. I won’t post it here….. at least not yet.

I can rap a whole lot of Eminem’s rhymes, I can rock sunglasses inside and I have the booty of a video girl.

Case in Point.

The truth is, if I had any freestyle ability, I would love to be a female rapper. I think rappers are incredible in the rhymes they write, the beats they create, their performance skills, etc. I am constantly impressed with the work these people put out, not necessarily the stuff you always hear on the radio, but the music that is so poetic you can’t help but be impressed.

Lupe Fiasco, I’m looking at you.

I tell you all this to admit my one fatal gangster flaw. I just cannot keep up with the slang. Let me illustrate for you.

YOLO is a term that has been going around forever. Drake uses it in his song The Motto, and since the song broke big, I’ve seen it everywhere. It’s unavoidable. So how is it that even though I have heard the song, and can sing every word, it took me until last week to figure out what the heck YOLO stood for? I literally was in my car, singing along, when it hit me that the lyrics went together. Oh man.

I get it. You Only Live Once. Cute acronym Drake, great job creating a new trend word (that’s hot). Every true gangster apparently got the memo, and then there was me, the little blonde chick who didn’t.

There are others. I sang riding dirty all through high school, professed that it was “my song,” before finding out about six months ago that riding dirty meant you had drugs in your car. Ummm… woops. Not so much my song. I clearly have issues with the vernacular it requires to be a gangster.

So, help a girl out. Any other words I should be up on? Does anybody else have issues with the slang? Am I the only gangster with word problems?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness

Wow, I am such a complete slacker and skipped right over Wedding Wednesday yesterday. I do think I have a somewhat legitimate excuse though as I was still living Wedding Wednesday in real life.

I had my hair trial with my amazing Aunt, who will be doing my hair for the wedding, and friends, let me tell you, I am so excited. The hair is fabulous!

From there I went directly to my final dress fitting, hair all done, accessories in tow. It was such an amazing feeling to see everything all put together. The dress fitting perfectly, the jewelry just right, my hair all done up, and my veil adding just the right touch of bride. I was giddy and emotional and I wish I could share with you exactly how everything looks, but unfortunately you’re going to have to wait until after my wedding for that. On the up-side, as of today, there are only 38 days left. Not too much longer!

Today I’m linking up with Mrs. Stephanie T. for Little Bits of Happiness. This week has been beyond beautiful, so why not share the joy?

  1. The weight of wedding planning is beginning to ease into bridal bliss. I still have so much left to accomplish before the big day, but the closer we get, the more and more I just can’t wait to be standing there at the altar with the hubs-to-be. I just know it’s going to be amazing, and just thinking about being his wife makes me smile (gah, I’m cheesy) :)

  2. We've gotten some exciting news about our post-wedding living arrangements. I'll share more when I know more, I promise. Just now that right now, I'm excited.

  3. The time change… good and bad. In the mornings, I’ve been really dreading leaving my comfy bed, but the extra hour of light at night makes me feel so much more productive. I’m an old lady; the minute the sun goes down, I want to sleep. So more sunshine equals more activities for me.

  4. Meal Plans. The hubs-to-be and I decided we were going to try and be more intentional about planning our dinners. This isn’t a diet at all, but more a way to save some cash on groceries. Our typical routine consists of going to the grocery store daily to pick out the ingredients for whatever we decide to cook that evening. We inevitable buy something extra every time we go. Sooo… by making a plan for the week and sticking to it, not only are we getting yummy homemade food every night, but we’re avoiding the extra grocery costs! Yay for double benefits.

  5. The Best Friends Birthday is today!! And we are going out of town to celebrate this weekend. It will be amazing, I guarantee it. Happy Birthday Ash!

So there you have it, the little things that are making me beyond happy this week.

What’s brightening up your day?

Mrs Stephanie T

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sometimes I Forget….

… how amazing warm brownies with a scoop of ice cream taste.

… how connected a good church service can make me feel, to God and to my fiancé.

… how blessed I truly am.

I really believe in God’s blessings, even when I’m in too much pain to see them. Right now, that’s not the case, so I don’t want to lead you down that path of thinking that I am in a heavy season. In fact, right now I’m on such a peak it’s hard not to see the many blessings around me.

But that’s not always true, certainly not for me. I’ve had my valleys. I imagine everyone has. And it’s in those times that responding to God’s blessings becomes difficult.

One concept that changed my life when I first heard it, is that you obey God and follow Christ not to earn his grace, not to earn his mercy, but as a response to them. God does not hand out grace based on your actions. He does not love you because of how you behave

He gives you grace regardless, He loves you in spite of how you behave, He blesses you to infinity not because of what you’ve done, but because of who He is.

Rather than viewing God as an entity we have to impress in order to be in His good graces, it is essential that we love God for who He is. And in that, it is imperative that we respond to His love by allowing his light to outpour through our lives.

If we can be a beacon for others, if we can respond to God’s blessings in such a way that they become evident in even the darkest times, if we can just open our eyes to who God says He is, how much more fruitful will our lives be? How much more fulfilling

I am challenged to refocus my life to be a response to His love. To allow my life to become a model of His love. It’s hard. I am human and far from perfect, and I mess up constantly in striving to live like Christ (all the time, let’s be honest). But there is something so comforting in knowing that it isn’t my victories or my failures that affect God’s love for me. It’s just me being me and God being God. And that’s all there is to it.

How are you responding?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lazy Weekends and Great Coffee

I accomplished absolutely nothing this weekend.

I slept in, I napped, I went to bed early.

I was so incredibly unproductive it’s embarrassing.

And, at the same time, I am unabashedly unashamed.

With a wedding six weeks away, and a work schedule that is less than forgiving, I tend to allow my weekdays to blend with my weekends. I rarely allow myself a day off. Part of that I fault to my background in dance, the discipline learned in ballet that requires unwavering commitment to the end goal. Part of it I fault to the workaholics I surround myself. You know who you are.

But this weekend I did nearly nothing. Sure, I got some things done around the house. I got my grocery shopping done. I even drafted up a meal plan for the next couple of weeks to curb my habit of slacking on dinner. But when it comes to truly productive activities, I have little to report.

I WAS introduced to some great new coffee this weekend.  My fiancé brought Organo Gold coffee home for me to try and let me tell you, this stuff is good. The majority of their blends are instant, and in all honesty, I am usually not a huge proponent of the instant stuff. I generally find it either incredibly bland or incredibly bitter and usually lacking in the rich mouth-feel you get with a good brewed cup.

This isn’t the case with the OG coffee I tried. There is a drip coffee they make, but my favorite is a toss-up between the instant café mocha and the instant café latte. Both delicious, neither too sweet for my liking, both with that rich mouth-feel that most brands lack. And, to make it even better, the coffee has added antioxidants to curb cholesterol and blood pressure and to counteract the normal negative side-effects of caffeine.

Um, hello!! Thanks for turning my vice into a health food. I am more than okay with that. Oh, and in case you were looking for another way to incorporate this coffee in your life, add a little of the instant black coffee to your standard brownie mix. Sooo good. I’ll be uploading my recipe later this week.

How were your weekends? How often do you take the time to just do nothing?

Happy Monday Ya’ll!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Dancer's Life

Something I strangely don’t talk about that often here on this blog (and I say strangely because it is a huge part of my life) is dance. My experiences with dance, my career thus far, what I’m doing now. In fact, I've noticed I hardly ever mention it.

For those of you who don’t know my background, I’ve been dancing since I was three years old, and really fell in love with dance somewhere around ten or eleven. I can remember the turning point for me, that point where ballet became more of a passion than a hobby.

I was in Virginia at my very first ballet summer intensive. I was on my own for the first time, and I was in ballet classes for a good seven or eight hours a day. I was only there for three weeks, but I came home and knew that this art form was going to change my life.

From there, I really began applying myself, working on my technique, working to make my lines “perfect.” That unattainable perfection became an obsession, and despite my less than perfect turn-out and far from perfect feet, I worked endlessly to achieve what I could.

I installed a barre and dance floor in my garage, and after coming home from five hours of class or rehearsal, I would go out there and work harder.

I was a competition kid, and I can vouch that my life was nothing like what you see on Dance Moms, besides the endless rehearsals (there were a lot of those). Other than that, competitions were so incredibly fun for me. There are times that I really miss that time in my life.

When I was 14, I went to study with the Central Florida Ballet and danced with their company for three years, training hard, and honing in on my ballet technique. With a russian curriculum, the academy associated with the company emphasized technical achievement and detail work, which at that point in my training was what I really needed.

After graduating high school, and sustaining an ankle injury that prevented me from auditioning my whole senior season, I stayed back and danced with a local contemporary jazz dance company called CineDance Jazz. I realized I wanted to pursue an education at the same time, and headed off to get my bachelor’s while still actively performing.

I kept myself busy in school by performing with the University of Central Florida’s dance team, KnightMoves. It was a complete departure for me from what I was used to. Coming from a ballet background, jumping into the world of collegiate team dance was a little bit of a culture shock (and I just could not get those sharp pom arms for the life of me), but I had fun and the hours of rehearsal allowed me to keep my technique where it needed to be through that year.

For the past three years, I have been with Emotions Dance Company, a contemporary company here in Central Florida. With Emotions, I’ve had the opportunity to perform all over Orlando, including several times on the Bob Carr stage with the annual Red Chair Affair gala.

We are a small company, but I am loving the opportunity to continue dancing in a style that is more attuned to my contemporary/ballet roots, while still having the flexibility to pursue other goals of mine. Some more recent performance shots (sorry, no leopard print this time)

For dancers in the Central Florida area looking for a great class to take, feel free to join us every Tuesday at 9:00 pm. Below is an idea of what we do in our open-to-the-public classes. Class cost is only $10 for two hours. Preeetttty decent! And you'll see we explore a pretty wide range of styles, particularly in our open classes.

Or, if you’re a dancer looking for a place to share your talents, come audition for us. The company is holding auditions next Tuesday evening, and I know I love seeing new faces.

This weekend is going to be a great one. We’ve got some exciting things in the works. More info to come later. Just know it’s going to be amazing!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Temporary Wedding Woes

Good Morning Friends!

Before I begin, I have a confession to make. Every time I mention Breakfast with Stephanie, I like to pretend I greet each morning with a cafe au lait and a fresh berry tart in hand (or some delicious treat of the sort). I mean, that’s what a blogger with “Breakfast” in her title should do.

This morning, I had a sausage egg mcmuffin and a diet coke.  Oh so healthy and refined, I know. Anyways, I digress. I just thought you should know who I really am. ;)

This week has made Wednesday feel like Friday in that so much has been packed into the beginning of my week, I am already in desperate need of a vacation.

As many of you know, I will be getting married at the Lake Mary Events Center in a little over a month.

On Monday afternoon, I received a voicemail from my DJ company that very literally said, “Hi Stephanie. We currently have a contract to do your wedding at the Lake Mary Events Center, but there has been a problem and we aren’t sure if we can do it. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience. Thank you.”

Um, excuse me? My type A personality did not handle that well. I immediately called the DJ back and asked them to explain to me what was going on. Apparently, the DJ was having issues with the noise ordinances at my venue and explained to me in no uncertain terms that my music would be extremely quiet and not to expect much.

Pardon? I was quiet in my responses and hung up. Anyone who knows me knows a quiet Stephanie may seem like the better option, but is in fact, an awful thing. I called the troops (my mom, dad, and fiancé) and we figured that this was a small issue and we would just need to get in touch with the venue.

That plan proved unnecessary when my venue contacted me the next morning to “make me aware” of the situation, from the perspective that the DJ company was in the wrong, and had completely overreacted at a wedding a weekend earlier. It became quite clear that this was an issue of two companies disagreeing, and my wedding was becoming a pawn in the middle of it all.

My mind was racing, my heart was palpitating (I overreact people, it happens), and I had no idea what to do.

And then, like a ray of sunshine peering through the clouds, it hit me. I have a wedding coordinator. An angel of a wedding coordinator at that. And she is only an e-mail or phone call away.

I forwarded everything I had to Jaclyn, with At Last Wedding and Event Design, and within the hour she had contacted both companies, and called me back to let me know everything was going to be ok.

If I have any advice for my fellow brides-to-be, it is to hire a coordinator as soon as you can. And if you are in the Central Florida area, go with At Last. Even if you think you don’t need one, trust me, it is so comforting just to know you’ve got someone who’s got your back, who has been there, and who has experience with the vendors you’ve chosen.

This situation could have escalated to def-con 3 without Jaclyn’s help, (well, my emotions would have escalated to that point) and I have so much comfort in knowing that on my day, should anything go wrong, I’ve got her on my side to take care of it so I can simply enjoy being a bride.

Everything is back on track now for our day and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Only 46 more days guys!

What situations did you face in planning your wedding? Who helped you handle them?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Introducing Stefi Ree

I am so incredibly excited to introduce to all of you my new business venture.
Stefi Ree Creative Services

I've loved design for a long time and with a background in advertising and public relations, I've had the opportunity to see great design in action. Click on over to the Stefi Ree tab at the top of the page to see what we've been up to and to learn more about our design.

Looking forward to working with you!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Miss Independent?

Confession – I have never eaten at a restaurant alone.

Another Confession  – I have never been to a movie alone.

In fact, there are very few things I have done entirely by myself. I’ve never even lived by myself. I’ve had room-mates since I left home.  And now I’m getting married, so I’ll be sharing a space with my hubs-to-be from here until eternity.

I like to think of myself as an independent spirit. I spent every summer, from the time I was ten until I left home at 18, away from home in dorms at ballet summer intensives.  And I carry some of my favorite memories growing up from them.

My parents did a great job at teaching me to be self-sufficient without depriving me of the support and encouragement I needed. I know how to take care of myself. I pay my own bills, plan my own path, make my own decisions, and dictate my own schedule.

But those little instances of independence still freak me out. I become very uncomfortable at the thought of eating out alone. I can’t pinpoint where that uneasiness comes from. I am not a shy person so it’s not about standing alone in the social surroundings.

The movie situation is even stranger in theory. When I go to a movie with anybody else, we walk in together and sit silently while the movie plays. Why then, when going to a movie is in itself a generally solitary experience, do I feel so uncomfortable doing it alone?

Does anyone else feel incredibly uncomfortable in these places?

I ask this today as I’m traveling for work, spending the majority of my time, outside of meetings, alone.  Breakfast alone in the café, much time alone in my room, a lot of solitary drive time.  And you know, I’m ok with that. But I find myself still feeling slightly uncomfortable, even in these silly little situations.

I’m going to be intentional the next few days about enjoying this time to myself. I treasure my relationships.  I treasure the memories I make with other people. And I do feel that I take enough time to know who I am, enough time to be introspective. Heck, I write out my life here on this blog, so I know I am reflecting on myself semi-often.

But this week, I am going to really enjoy the quiet. Enjoy being on my own. I’m going to be okay with not having a dinner partner….

…..and then I’m going to go home and hug my fiancé. :)

Hey, I don’t have to like it forever.

Happy Monday Friends!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Though it's been many years since he's passed away

The genius of Dr. Seuss lives on today

Annnndd... that's where the poem ends. I was planning on going all poetry brilliant on you today, but let's be honest, I tend to write like I speak. And I don't usually speak in rhyme.(Unless I'm stretching my rap muscles, but that's a-whole-nother story).

Regardless of my poetry prowess, today's post is less about me and more about Dr. Seuss. Today would be his 108th birthday. And not so coincidentally, today is the day his beloved story, "The Lorax" makes it way to the big screen.

I still remember reading the stories growing up (let's be honest, I still go back to them time to time), And in my humble opinion, Dr. Seuss is one of the most influential authors in recent history. Yes, he primarily wrote children's books. And yes, they are whimsical and fun and, on the surface, are light and airy and colorful. But there was always a lesson hidden in those stories. And you can go across the world and find very few people who don't know his name, if any.

What I love about Dr. Seuss (pronounced Zoice in his native Bavaria, not Soose as we Americans have come to say it) is that he got his start in advertising. His cartooning skills got him noticed, got him advertising contracts, and allowed him to create the "Got Milk?" catchphrase of his day, "Quick, Henry, The Flit!" When asked why he got into children's books, he always said it was because that was the only type of outside writing his advertising contract would allow him to pursue.

Thank Goodness for that!

I saw this picture floating around the inter web and am loving it. Thirty Dr. Seuss quotes that can change your life. I would say I've probably quoted at least three-quarters of these. And  can see a lot of these being turned into some pinterest-worthy wall art.

Some other fun Dr. Seuss Posts:

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I got the hubs-to-be to jump on the blog bandwagon! You can find him here...

Can't you just picture it. Friday nights, cuddled up on the couch together, each of us looking deep into each others eyes... then turning back to our respective computers to blog. Wow, we are cool kids.

His blog is all about driving towards that American Dream. We're certainly not millionaires yet, but he'll be posting all about his business trials and errors, about the connections he's making, what he's doing to make it happen.

I'm so so proud of him for this new venture, and for all of the other amazing endeavors he's setting out on... which you'll hear all about on his blog. :)

So go check him out, follow him, leave him a nice little comment. Please and Thank You!