Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness

Wow, I am such a complete slacker and skipped right over Wedding Wednesday yesterday. I do think I have a somewhat legitimate excuse though as I was still living Wedding Wednesday in real life.

I had my hair trial with my amazing Aunt, who will be doing my hair for the wedding, and friends, let me tell you, I am so excited. The hair is fabulous!

From there I went directly to my final dress fitting, hair all done, accessories in tow. It was such an amazing feeling to see everything all put together. The dress fitting perfectly, the jewelry just right, my hair all done up, and my veil adding just the right touch of bride. I was giddy and emotional and I wish I could share with you exactly how everything looks, but unfortunately you’re going to have to wait until after my wedding for that. On the up-side, as of today, there are only 38 days left. Not too much longer!

Today I’m linking up with Mrs. Stephanie T. for Little Bits of Happiness. This week has been beyond beautiful, so why not share the joy?

  1. The weight of wedding planning is beginning to ease into bridal bliss. I still have so much left to accomplish before the big day, but the closer we get, the more and more I just can’t wait to be standing there at the altar with the hubs-to-be. I just know it’s going to be amazing, and just thinking about being his wife makes me smile (gah, I’m cheesy) :)

  2. We've gotten some exciting news about our post-wedding living arrangements. I'll share more when I know more, I promise. Just now that right now, I'm excited.

  3. The time change… good and bad. In the mornings, I’ve been really dreading leaving my comfy bed, but the extra hour of light at night makes me feel so much more productive. I’m an old lady; the minute the sun goes down, I want to sleep. So more sunshine equals more activities for me.

  4. Meal Plans. The hubs-to-be and I decided we were going to try and be more intentional about planning our dinners. This isn’t a diet at all, but more a way to save some cash on groceries. Our typical routine consists of going to the grocery store daily to pick out the ingredients for whatever we decide to cook that evening. We inevitable buy something extra every time we go. Sooo… by making a plan for the week and sticking to it, not only are we getting yummy homemade food every night, but we’re avoiding the extra grocery costs! Yay for double benefits.

  5. The Best Friends Birthday is today!! And we are going out of town to celebrate this weekend. It will be amazing, I guarantee it. Happy Birthday Ash!

So there you have it, the little things that are making me beyond happy this week.

What’s brightening up your day?

Mrs Stephanie T


  1. I feel the same way about wedding planning. Some days its bridal bliss but others the stress gets the best of me. I hit the month and a half today. Its crazy. Congrats, good luck with your planning.

  2. oh my goodness, good luck with wedding planning! all of my hard work for our (supposed to be) outdoor waiting crumbled apart when one of the hardest downpours i've ever seen came down and hour before our wedding. lucky, my grandma's bright blue walled living room could hold everyone and it ended up being just perfect! ;)

  3. Congratulations to you too! Planning can be such a roller coaster for sure, but I swear the closer you get, the better it is.

  4. Oh no! I looked at so many outdoor venues, but April here in Florida can be a pretty unpredictable month. That's part of the reason I chose an indoor venue. That's awesome that you were able to work it out though! ... and thanks for sending good luck my way, I may need it ;)