Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sometimes I Forget….

… how amazing warm brownies with a scoop of ice cream taste.

… how connected a good church service can make me feel, to God and to my fiancé.

… how blessed I truly am.

I really believe in God’s blessings, even when I’m in too much pain to see them. Right now, that’s not the case, so I don’t want to lead you down that path of thinking that I am in a heavy season. In fact, right now I’m on such a peak it’s hard not to see the many blessings around me.

But that’s not always true, certainly not for me. I’ve had my valleys. I imagine everyone has. And it’s in those times that responding to God’s blessings becomes difficult.

One concept that changed my life when I first heard it, is that you obey God and follow Christ not to earn his grace, not to earn his mercy, but as a response to them. God does not hand out grace based on your actions. He does not love you because of how you behave

He gives you grace regardless, He loves you in spite of how you behave, He blesses you to infinity not because of what you’ve done, but because of who He is.

Rather than viewing God as an entity we have to impress in order to be in His good graces, it is essential that we love God for who He is. And in that, it is imperative that we respond to His love by allowing his light to outpour through our lives.

If we can be a beacon for others, if we can respond to God’s blessings in such a way that they become evident in even the darkest times, if we can just open our eyes to who God says He is, how much more fruitful will our lives be? How much more fulfilling

I am challenged to refocus my life to be a response to His love. To allow my life to become a model of His love. It’s hard. I am human and far from perfect, and I mess up constantly in striving to live like Christ (all the time, let’s be honest). But there is something so comforting in knowing that it isn’t my victories or my failures that affect God’s love for me. It’s just me being me and God being God. And that’s all there is to it.

How are you responding?


  1. Beautifully said Stephanie. Having been through many successes and failures in my 72+ years I realize that I could not have reached this point without knowing that GOD was there to see me through it. Every day I pray to be a good servant, and see and feel his presence in the eyes of those I help when working with guests at Disney, in the eyes of those I serve communion to at Mass, and in the eyes of those I visit and serve communion to at the nursing home. I am blessed with a wonderful family and many friends, and hope to be here to share God's blessings with them, and the strangers I will meet today, for many years to come. Love you, Aunt Donna

  2. You are truly blessed. You already understand something that many people never do and you are able to write beautifully about it.
    Love you,