Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Seating Charts and Last Minute Excitement

Wow guys, it’s been nearly a whole week since I’ve posted. You know its been a while when the hubs-to-be starts to mention it. But, it’s Wedding Wednesday and I’m back. Appropriately so, because it seems my whole life is on wedding overload at the moment. Three and a half weeks to go, and my brain is melting.

Side-story, when I was young, I used to talk all the time talked exactly as much as I do now. My poor mother would literally send me to my room, telling me her brain was going numb. Funny? Yes. Traumatizing? Maybe. But I can absolutely understand her sentiments. While my numbness has more to do with seating charts and wedding programs and much less to do with an overzealous five-year-old, I still get it.

Nonetheless, we’re trucking through, so excited to be husband and wife (we’re heading for our marriage license in the next week), and so ready for the honeymoon that follows.

Today I want to talk about seating charts. My RSVP deadline finally passed, so the other night I felt comfortable taking my first stab at the oh-so-infamously dreaded task. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. Taking everything into consideration, I probably spent a little over two hours plugging in names and tables, and while I will probably make a few tweaks here and there, I think we have a pretty decent layout going.

I always thought seating charts came with the territory. That a wedding always required table assignments and that the Bride was responsible for it. But recently, I’ve heard that many couples are choosing to forego seating charts altogether and allow for completely open seating at their weddings. I have no problem allowing my guests to sit wherever they want, but my fear is that the last stragglers in to the ballroom would have trouble finding somewhere to sit, particularly if they are with a large group. In that light, I opted for the more traditional route.

Next up for me is finalizing all of our wedding stationary, all of which I'm designing myself. (Oh the joys of being a mini control freak)

What is your take on assigned seating? Did you dread the seating chart, or did you find the experience surprisingly simple like I did?

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