Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: To Boudoir or Not to Boudoir

Boudoir photography is such a trend in the wedding experience right now, it's hard to ignore. And let's be honest, why would you choose to? Boudoir sessions, regardless of their styling or individual nuances, bring me back to the days of pin-up girls and classy-sexy, when being tastefully covered up was considered more appealing than flaunting it all for everyone to see (and of course in this situation we're talking corsets and baby dolls when we say covered up as opposed to completely nude playboy spreads, but you get my drift).

And boudoir photography doesn't end at the bridal veil. Many women are venturing out for boudoir just as a gift for themselves, a way to feel sexy, a way to gain confidence.

Personally, I love the boudoir trend, but when it came time to consider if I wanted to take these types of photos for my future hubby (tomorrow is one month guys!), I was super hesitant. I'm a rather conservative gal, pretty modest to an extent (I am a dancer, so I'm used to changing in front of other women but thats my limit), and the idea of stripping down to my skivvies for a photographer was something that wasn't all that appealing to me. But I knew the hubs-to-be would love the results, and the idea of the photos tugged at me.

So, what's a girl to do?

Well, I can write about this now because what was intended to be a wedding gift arrived at my house in a large, bright orange box, that couldn't be hidden when we checked the mail. (Thank you Shutterfly!)

I was lucky enough that a friend of mine is starting a photography business, (check her out at and was willing and able to do the shoot with me. (Fear #1 - stranger seeing me in my skivvies, alleviated). Let me tell you, her pictures came out incredible. No, I won't be sharing any on here, they are for my fiancés eyes only, but just trust me on this one.

The experience was incredible and I wanted to share some tips with other conservative brides, who may also be hesitant about the whole process.

1) Know your photographer.  You don't have to have a friend in the business for you to feel comfortable, but I do recommend taking the time to meet your photographer before you book a boudoir session with them. The more comfortable you are, the better the pictures will come out. If you spend the entire time concerned with what the photographer is thinking/doing, you won't have any fun.

2) Bring a friend. I know people will disagree with me. I've seen sites everywhere say that you may feel awkward posing in front of a friend, and so its better that they, at the very least, stay out of the room where the shooting happens. I disagree wholeheartedly. I had my best friend with me for the shoot, and I was hesitant to bring her along because I knew I would see her all the time, even after she saw me in lingerie. Having her there was amazing. She was able to encourage me and laugh with me and tell me when my poses weren't looking so cute while still making me feel so gorgeous. Plus she suggested the outfit for what were my favorite photos of the day. Why didn't I think of using the fiancés baseball jersey?

3) Be ok with being awkward. Unless you're a seasoned model (and I am certainly not,) you will feel awkward when you start. Posing in our underwear is not something the majority of us do everyday, and for the first ten minutes of my shoot, I felt like a complete idiot trying to pretend to be sexy. You'll probably feel that way too. But that's ok, because you will relax into the swing of things. Eventually, you'll be posing it up with the best of 'em, and you will leave feeling so much more confident and beautiful than you did when you started.

4) Mix it up! If you have the time and have the opportunity, try a couple different looks. You may thing that the corset is going to make for the best pictures because it's so pretty in person, but maybe it's your satin baby doll that photographs well. Try some in his shirts. Try as many looks as you have time for, because you never know what will end up looking good on camera.

5) Feel Beautiful. Whatever that means for you, do it. If you want to get your hair and make-up done, do it. If you want to pamper yourself with a spa day before or after, do it. Whether you are taking these pictures for yourself, or as a gift for your significant other, this experience really is about you. It's about celebrating how beautiful you are, both inside and out (because trust me, cameras can capture inner beauty as well,) so go ahead and celebrate. Love on yourself a little bit and really enjoy every minute of it.

So there you have it. I chose to do a boudoir session because I thought it would be incredibly special to give my future husband a gift that not only does nobody else have, but nobody else will ever see. It is for his eyes only, and there's something pretty cool about that.

Have you ever considered a Boudoir session? Why or why not?


  1. I'm definitely considering a boudoir package for my fiancé!!! glad you did one and felt so comfortable with it! I imagine I will find a groupon or something to get a shoot at a discount, being an actor for years means I have no modesty left, and really don't care too much about being naked in front of people I don't know!!

  2. Lol I love that! And yes, I had so much fun with it and the pictures are amazing!! I keep telling my fiancé it's good for him to have so that when I'm 85 and wrinkling, he can look back and remember how cute I used to be lol