Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Some Mondays come and go, and some Monday’s really hit you like a Mack truck. Guess what kind of Monday this one is?

I’ve been a little bit of a blog slacker recently. My entire life has been pretty consumed with wedding details (only 20 days to go ya’ll,) and as such, I have had very little time to write. (Plus, I think we’d all be a little bored if every post on here was “Omg, my wedding this, my wedding that”) I think we’re good at once a week on those.

This weekend flew by, as is always the case, but was certainly memorable. A couple of the highlights.

I made my very first marsala sauce from scratch for Chicken Marsala on Friday night. I opted not to use a recipe and experimented a little on my own, and (not to toot my own horn) everything turned out so delicious. Because I went the wild-child route, I originally wasn’t intending to post my recipe, if you can call it that. But the sauce was to-die-for, so it looks like I’ll just have to make it again, so I can share it here with you.

I also jumped on the Hunger Games Bandwagon this weekend. I haven’t read the books, but decided to go give the movie a try before choosing whether or not to dive in. I absolutely loved the movie, and am glad I didn’t have the weight of it matching up to the book in my mind. The only comment I will make is that it reminds me A LOT of Battle Royale. Actually, the plot lines are almost identical, with slightly different concepts of why these teenagers are being forced to kill each other. I'm not the first to mention this, and I'm sure I won't be the last. But funny enough, when I did some looking around on the web, most articles refer to the "geek herds" that are noting the differences. Ummm... I guess I'm a geek now. (hah, now... like I've ever not been a geek)

Finally, I obviously spent a good portion of the weekend in wedding planning mode. We found my mom and nana some absolutely gorgeous dresses, and my maid of honor and I played around with makeup colors and ideas. For those of you have never heard of the ELF line, I highly encourage you to try it. There is almost nothing over $5 in their entire collection, and the quality of the product is great. The colors stay all day (even through a two hour dance rehearsal, I tried it last week.). Check out their web-site or go to your nearest Target, which is where I bought all of my new goodies.

The next few weeks are going to fly by, I can already feel it, but I am so excited to see what’s in store.

Happy Monday!

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