Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Day Before

I find it only appropriate to continue on in my Wedding Wednesday tradition until, well, I'm all talked out about the wedding. It was so much fun to blog about the preparation for the day, but I can't wait to show you the ultimate outcome. Everything about our wedding day was absolutely perfect. It was this girl's dream come true.

But, before I jump right in to the wedding photos, I want to give you the rundown of the 24 hrs before the wedding, because, well, they were more than eventful to say the least.

The weekend of the wedding, my bridal party stayed with me at my apartment, and the groomsmen and Anthony stayed at his best man's house. Because we were married on a Sunday, and had our rehearsal on Friday, each of us had all day Saturday to spend with our girls and guys and really get in our "bonding time" before the crazy started.

For the boys, that day consisted primarily of nursing hangovers from a bachelor's night out. For us girls, we had a fun day of dressing up and posing ahead of us.

As we  were getting ready for our fun-filled day, we noticed water leaking in through my first-floor bathroom's ceiling. I don't generally use the guest shower  upstairs in our apartment, and was blissfully unaware until that moment that we had a plumbing problem. This problem quickly became clear, and me, being as cool as a cucumber completely freaking out, tried to get ahold of my fiancĂ© for advice (I am not the handy one in our relationship).

Note to all of my engaged chicas out there: DO NOT try to call your fiancé the morning after his bachelor party. Neither he nor his hungover friends will be as responsive as you want them to be. (Logically this makes sense. To a bride with a plumbing problem, this situation means war.)

Eventually, we solved the plumbing crisis with only a few tears and were on our way to our Bridesmaid Photo-shoot. (I gifted this photo-shoot and picture frames to my bridesmaids as their wedding gifts. It was a fun way to bond, and gave each girl something to remember the day by.) Here are some of our favorites from the day. All of the pictures below are by Kathleen McKenna of Alita Photography.


  1. Ashten (Best MOH EVER) AckermanMay 30, 2012 at 11:14 AM

    I still think the picture of us laughing is one of my all time favorites!

  2. I like that you posted your name as Best MOH EVER lol :)