Monday, June 11, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

After an incredibly long week on antibiotics that made me more then nauseous, I was way ready for the weekend to come, and what a weekend it was. Not only were we super productive, we had a lot of fun... and feeling better  after an infection is always a welcome change :) We've made so much progress on the house, it's finally starting to feel more and more like ours, and is becoming motivation to get more and more done. Take a look for yourself below.
Far too ready for the Weekend on a friday afternoon

Browsing the Christmas Tree Shop with the Best Friend

The hubs getting his paint on

Our living room, post paint, with our new sofa and loveseat

Newly painted bedroom

More of the bedroom

Newly painted master bath

Dining room

Our formal living room

Playing with Anthony's family's pup

Ending the weekend with my favorite guy

Gosh I love him

Linking up with Heather for Cup 1/2 Full

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