Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Before the Ceremony

To read about the day before the wedding, click here.

The morning of the wedding was perfect. After the stressful day before, Sunday was like the calm after the storm. I couldn't get myself to sleep Saturday night, but once I finally got my eyes closed, I was out like a light.

7 a.m. rolled around, and as I started to stir, my bridesmaid Lauren ran into the room, jumping on me and my maid of honor, screaming "We're getting married today!!" Note to any bridesmaids out there, this is the best way to wake up a bride on her wedding day. It's wonderful knowing you're not the only one excited, and that your girls are enjoying themselves too.

We lounged around the apartment until noon, sipping mimosas and munching on scones and other delicious treats, then started getting our hair and makeup ready to go. My Aunt was meeting me at the venue to do my hair, so once I had my makeup ready, I was able to help everyone else achieve the looks they were going for.

We left my apartment around 2:00 to arrive at my venue, and it was at this point that my emotions started getting the best of me. I drove over with my maid of honor, and it took everything in me not to cry with every song that came on the radio. I was feeling so overwhelmed, but in an incredibly joyous way, and just wanted to get to my venue and get on with my day.

An hour later, and everyone looked as beautiful as could be, the guys had arrived (and I heard they looked just as handsome, I hadn't seen them yet,) and we were getting anxious to walk. My mom and maid of honor helped me into my dress, my aunt placed my veil on, and the finishing touches were complete.

Anthony and I opted not to do a first look, but did want to talk to each other before the ceremony and have a moment to pray, so once we were dressed and ready, we met on either side of a meeting room door, held hands, and made jokes with one another, trying to calm our nerves. This moment was so incredibly special, and I'm so glad we went with it.

Check out some of our pictures below. Fair warning, there are a few :) All photos done by the wonderful Kate+Kris

Thanks Babe :)

Our beautiful flower girl with her new wedding Barbies

My amazing shoes, courtesy of my amazing maid of honor

Anthony reading my letter to him

Reading Anthony's letter to me

Check back next week for the ceremony low-down :)

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