Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Belated Honeymoon Post

As I was updating the "Our Love Story" Page (aka finally putting something on there,) I realized I had never talked about our honeymoon on here. I ended Wedding Wednesdays pretty abruptly, and now that I really think about it, the honeymoon probably would have been an appropriate way to wrap up that series.

But regardless, for the sake of sharing memories, and by virtue of the fact that it just happens to be a Wednesday, here it is, several months late.

We left for our honeymoon on a Monday morning, and though that day seems insignificant, it actually played a huge role in setting the tone of our whole week. We chose to go on a cruise to celebrate our marriage. So much time and stress and planning had gone into the wedding, we wanted something foolproof, with little to no thought required for the honeymoon. Thank you Carnival for giving us that.

Anyways, the reason Monday was so important is because maybe thirty minutes before our ship left the port, my mom started calling. Now, your first thought when your mom calls you and you are on your honeymoon is not to answer, but after three calls, I figured it must be important so we answered. Turns out, she was calling to let us know our short sale had been approved, we were one month away from being homeowners.

The excitement of that news carried with us for the length of our honeymoon. We were newlyweds and soon to be homeowners and we were on cloud 9.

Our cruise traveled to Half Moon Cay, Freeport, and Nassau and we found plenty to do in each of the ports. Overall, Nassau was my favorite by far. We got off the ship bright and early and walked around the island before anything was open. After wandering down alleyways, doing exactly what any travel guide would tell you to avoid doing in a foreign country, we stumbled upon the national art museum of Nassau. Had it been open, I absolutely would have gone in. My favorite things on vacation? History and Food. Hands down.

After wandering the island, we hopped in a taxi to Atlantis. I had never been and was so excited. Anthony had and assured me it was worth the trip. We may or may not have found some secret routes around the resort to allow ourselves into the places reserved for paying day guests. Ooops. Sorry I'm not sorry.  In a word, it was amazing.

Freeport, while certainly not my favorite island, provided what may or may not be the highlight of our trip. With little to do on the beach (that the taxi driver literally told us to sneak into,) we found a small stand for water activities. Now, I've always heard it's safer to purchase your excursions through the cruise line, but clearly, we are rebels, so  we chose to go the local route. And in Freeport, the hubs and I each took our first stab at parasailing. Outside of the running start we had to take (this is no joke. We were literally on a platform and were told to run as we lifted off,) parasailing was incredible. It was surprisingly peaceful, and yet thrilling at the same time. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Off the islands and on the boat, we spent a lot of time eating (and doing other honeymoon activities.) The food was incredible, I ate chocolate lava cake every night, and I probably came back five pounds heavier than when I left.

We have so many incredible memories from our first trip as husband and wife, and I simply cannot wait to make more in the years to come.

What was your favorite moment from your honeymoon? Or, what was your favorite vacation (I need new spots)?

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