Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Will to Finish

I am an ideas girl. I get excited at the prospect of new and intriguing adventures. When a project is first handed over to me, I can't wait to take a crack at it, and really put my spin on this new endeavor.

Fast forward three months, and I'm bogged down in details, fighting every urge in me to cast aside what I'm doing and peruse Pinterest for another hour. Tell me I'm not the only one.

For example, like many other bloggers out there, I have a goal of writing and publishing my own novel. In fact, I started this here little blog as an outlet for my creativity and as a way to fire up the little writing bug inside of me again. Unfortunately, writing about daily life and developing entirely new to you characters are not the same thing.

I've started three fiction novels. They're all saved on my desktop. Each one is about ten pages long. And therein lies the problem. Like most everything else, the excitement for each new novel quickly fades as I attempt to determine what makes each of these characters unique in their own right, unique enough to go on for another 150 pages. And when I don't want to develop that thought anymore, I move on to the next cast of characters, promising myself to come back to each one when I get excited again. I rarely do.

What I need is a good dose of follow-through. I need to manipulate myself to feel the same excitement at the end of a project that I do at the beginning. Heck, I need to create excitement in the middle of a project, particularly for those detail heavy to-dos. Perhaps, I 'd reach a whole lot more of my goals that way.

Here's to all of you other procrastinators out there. To all of you idea people. We can do this. Let's stop throwing ideas out into the world without following up on them. Think of what we could do if we made those ideas real ...

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