Monday, September 17, 2012


Sometimes it comes out of nowhere, like a lightning bug in the summer sky. One minute, you’re alone with the night sky. An empty, vast nothingness, beautiful in its own right, but comfortable and typical. The next moment, you’re joined by a singular bright being, bringing something out of the ordinary to your perfect normal. Sometimes inspiration hits like that.

Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of a car accident. It hits you so hard that it hurts. It forces you to change direction, because refusal to do so would mean utter disaster. It breaks you and it leaves you confused, but it takes you down a new path that brings you more joy than you could have ever imagined.

Sometimes inspiration is like the wind. It’s subtle and its silent and it comforts you in its tranquility. You don’t recognize it at first, because you are too busy being comforted by the breeze to allow it lead you where it wants to take you. Your mind is too cluttered to hear the soft whisper as it blows through the trees.

Sometimes it’s like a dream. Beautiful and yet unattainable. At moments so real you can taste the change with every word you speak, and at moments so distant, it feels like the thought was never yours to begin with.

Inspiration comes in many forms. It lights up our world, it pushes us forward. It makes try things we never would otherwise. Like an artist and their muse, it allows us to make something beautiful of our lives. Something unique. Something altogether wonderful.

Whatever it may be, allow inspiration to strike you today. Allow it to impact your life. Allow yourself to do something amazing, simply because you can. 

Go for it. 

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