Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Catching Up

It's been nearly a week since I've posted. It seems like eternity in blogland, but I'm here and I'm alive, just mostly consumed with everyday business lately. Today, I'm linking up with Sami over at Sami's Shenanigans to share some of the highlights of the past few days. Yes, it is Tuesday, and I am a couple of days removed from the weekend, but I don't care. This is my blog. Whatchu gonna do about it bro?

Sami's Shenanigans

Anthony was out of town last week from Wednesday to Sunday, and I missed that boy like crazy. But, with the husband away, ti meant filling my time with other great people to keep me company while I was all to my lonesome.

Friday night, I ventured over to a friend's house for an adventure in Indian cooking. My regular readers know I love to cook and I love to experiment with food, but Indian cuisine is pretty intimidating if you ask me. Delicious definitely, but I've always been hesitant to attempt to tackle the combination of aromatic spices that make Indian food so special.

Well, we attempted, and we far surpassed my expectations, succeeding in creating a delicious vegetable korma with aloo gobi and homemade naan. Yes, there was naan.

Now that I've tackled Indian cuisine from a predetermined recipe, I think it's experimentation time. Be on the lookout for my take on some traditional Indian favorites. I'm so thankful for friends who will experiment and try new things with me.

Saturday, I took Obi to hang out with his best friend, a miniature Australian Shepherd named Gryff. They played for a good couple of hours, which meant a great night's sleep for them, and in turn, and amazing night's sleep for their owners.

He was thrilled to go see his friend.


Sunday, I made a shopping trip to Kohl's for their summer clearance sale. Let me tell you, I don't know that I've ever done so well with a sale, and I'm usually an adept bargain shopper. I bought a week's worth of work clothing, plus some pieces for Anthony, all for under $100. I was thrilled, and Anthony and I are looking sharp this week. If that could happen more often, that would be great. Are you listening retailers of the world? K, thanks!

Anthony came home around 4:00 on Sunday, and the rest of the evening was dedicated to couple time. It was so nice to be back with my other half after nearly a week of being apart. I really don't know how those in long distance relationships do it, because five days was more than I particularly cared for.

I'd love to hear about your weekend in the comments below. Any new recipes tried? Any sales scored? Let me know.


  1. We made the blog! That's so exciting. Now I know we're true friends... Wait, actually, I'll know when you bring me leftovers from your Indian experiments.

    1. Woot, you commented :) And you can definitely take part in enjoying my Indian experiments!

  2. No mention of our anniversary? Really?! BOOOOOO

    1. Oh bestest friend of mine... I saw you posted and didn't want to keep stealing your material. Even though technically I'm the one that remembered so really it was my material to begin with... but with a friendship being two way, perhaps the material is shared and therefore the friendaversary can be equally shared on social platforms... hmmm what a conundrum... Either way, Happy friendaversary!! 9 years down, let's say 80 more to go? :)

    2. 80 more, we'll be 103/104? I like it, we can have our houses across the street from each other! I know Anthony would just LOVE that!