Thursday, August 8, 2013

Impatiently Waiting

Impatience. I’m guilty of it. I think we all are. It happens to me the most when I’m stuck in traffic. A justified attitude, annoyed by every inconvenience.

Clearly, my destination is far more important than those of the people around me. Clearly, my frustration is totally warranted. If only people knew how to drive well. If only their rubbernecking tendencies would disappear.

Truth is, while being annoyed is an okay reaction, the slowly building anger that begins to boil inside of me is not. And this distempered impatience is evident in far more aspects of my life than just the occasional road trip.

Clearly Frustrated (Actually just performing recently, but it seemed an appropriate image)

I am impatient for results, impatient to see the works God has planned for my life. Impatient to reach certain milestones. Impatient to begin. Impatient for the end. I show impatience to my husband, to my friends, to my family. I can be faulted for my impatience more than I’d like. But this flaw of mine is not unnoticed, and because I have learned to recognize it, I am determined to make a conscious effort to turn it around.

You see, my impatience tends to drive me to the ends of my means. I exhaust every avenue in search of a way to expedite my journey, my cause, my results. I look for opportunities to get done what I feel needs to get done and I exhaust myself and others in the process.

And then it hits me. The point of realization that I can no longer strive on my own. The realization that this exhaustion has a purpose, and that is to draw me nearer to the heart of God and allow him to do his work on my life. When I recognize the impatience boiling up inside me, I turn to prayer, asking instead for me to experience each moment as God intended me too.

Sometimes when we are impatient for things to happen, we miss out on the moments we are living in right now. If you spend all of your time looking for the next big milestone, the next big thing, you neglect the beauty that surrounds you every day. The joy that can stem from the smallest moments can be lost. And thats unfortunately how many of us live.

I'd like to offer up a challenge today, for myself and my readers, to breathe deeper into each moment. When you begin to feel the impatience bubbling up, take a step back and try to see what God is saying to you in that moment. Try to find the opportunities in the stillness, in the waiting, to grow. And to go a step further, I implore each of us to not only experience patience in our own lives individually, but to outwardly exhibit patience to one another. Let us be more understanding of our neighbors and friends, and more compassionate to their circumstances. In those moments, we can really witness to the compassion and patience Jesus has for us in our lives, and what can be better than that?

"Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Colossians 3:12

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