Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Projects: Closet Makeover

Happy Monday Folks!

It's been over a year since we moved into our home and I have yet to share any house updates with you. Truth is, we've made a lot of progress since we moved in, and I plan to share a whole lot more with you in the upcoming weeks and months.

I'm going to start today with a small project we took on this weekend: A makeover of our master closet.

When we moved in, I was excited to finally have a closet big enough to contain all of our stuff. The apartment we lived in immediately after our wedding had tiny closets, which meant our clothes were divided between the master bedroom, the guest bedroom and the downstairs linen closet. A walk-in was a definite upgrade.

We didn't do much to the closet when we moved in, outside of loading it with clothing, shoes and all of the miscellaneous things that didn't have a home anywhere else. But I have always dreamed of a cozy closet that really feels like an extension of the bedroom, and knew that eventually I'd want to make some changes.

What really prompted the design of the new closet was a cedar chest that was recently passed down to me. My dad made this chest for my mom before they got married, and it has been used to house pictures, documents and other memories ever since. When it came into my hands, I knew I wanted to display it beautifully and still let it stand out for the piece it is. I didn't want it buried among other furniture, taking away from the specialness of it. (yes, specialness is a word, at least for my purposes here)

I thought it would be a perfect piece in the closet with a couple of pillows to create a mock seating area along the back wall of the closet, and from there I let the inspiration flow.

Here's the closet before:

Don't judge how messy it is. I wasn't going to clean it up right before completely redoing the whole thing.

This wall unit held t-shirts, shorts and workout gear before the re-do.

To begin, we emptied out everything in that space, doing some spring fall cleaning as we went. We then pulled down that wire shoe rack along the back wall, pulled out any miscellaneous brackets that were still in the closet walls (and there were a few) and spackled in all of the holes that were left. Where the shelving unit was, I removed the doors to create an open space for shoes and accessories. Once dry, the spackle was sanded down and we began to paint. It's hard to tell in pictures, but the before color was an odd light yellow and the color we ended up with was a much warmer beige that just feels cozier in that space.

Once the walls were painted, I moved the cedar chest onto the back wall, hung a large mirror above it, and added some throw pillows for color and comfort. From there, it was just a matter of rehanging clothes, putting shoes on the new open shelving unit, and reorganizing the miscellaneous stuff that was once housed in that space. The only thing left to do is add a tension rod above where my boots currently live to house scarves, belts and other accessories.

Here's our after:

Overall, I am thrilled with the outcome, and even more thrilled with the cost. Because we had all the paint and decor we needed on hand, this project was totally free to us. Next project, the guest room. I can't wait.

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