Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I'm Looking Forward to This Fall

I don't know if you've all caught on, but we are officially 17 days away from the official start of Fall, my absolute favorite season of the year. Sure, other seasons have their redeeming qualities. You can't beat Christmas in the winter, and beach time certainly belongs to Summer, but oh how Fall has my heart.

Let's be honest, Fall looks nothing like this where I live, but it's okay. A girl can dream.
Now, living in Florida, Fall is short lived. It's realy just an extension of Summer with slightly cooler breezes and less threat of a Hurricane stampeding down our door. But that fall smell coupled with the excuse to once again wear boots and chunky sweaters; yes please, sign me up.

This fall, I've got some exciting things coming up that I am just so excited for.

1) This girl's bachelorette cruise.

Throwback to my wedding last year

Even further throwback to college

November 1, I will be setting sail for the Bahamas from Miami for a lovely 2 night cruise to celebrate this gorgeous lady's upcoming nuptials in March. Our little group of girls is going to have so much fun, and I just cannot wait for November to roll around.

2) My birthday.

I'll be 24 on November 9 - old lady I swear :), and already have some things on my wishlist this time around. Luckily I have such a loving husband who will just do anything for me, right honey? (I can already hear the crickets now)

3)This sweet girl's bridal weekend.

She may kill me for this throwback :)

I am so blessed to be able to celebrate not only one, but two of my closest friends weddings early next year. I've known this girl since I was practically a toddler and am so glad to get to share in her wedding and festivities.

Of course, I'm looking forward to the obvious things as well. The holiday season getting underway, the deliciously rich foods that are really only appropriate post September 22, all of it. I'm so ready. Bring it on, Fall.

What are you looking forward to the most about this Fall?


  1. ummm...I did not see anywhere on here that you are excited bc you're best friend will be coming home in the fall? I feel like chopped liver

    1. When you book your ticket, you will get an entire blog post dedicated to my excitement.

  2. Love you stephy! So excited I made your list of top fall activities that you're looking forward to!